All that is good and all that is wonderful!

Hello! My name is Kari and I am the sole illustrator/designer for KariSketches. I have always enjoyed art but have noticed how expensive buying art can be. This is not fair because all we really want is to brighten our living spaces with awesome things. Because good art is generally expensive we are forced to suffer in rooms with little or no decoration. Boo!

I won't bore you with a story about me. Instead I'll tell you what's in it for you!

In this shop you will be able to acquire prints from varying media at prices that won't break your bank account. Heck, you could even buy more than one because my shipping prices are also super low! Seriously, nobody wants to pay more for shipping than they are paying for product!

So, go ahead and browse to your heart's content and don't hesitate to message me with any questions you may have! Hope to hear from you soon!


P.S. All items are illustrated, printed, and/or assembled by a US Veteran.

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